CoVid-19: Corona-Virus Info

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wechsle zur deutschen Fassung die Symptome von CoVid-19/Corona

The Early Symptoms of CoVid-19 „Corona“

The following important Information was sent to me personally, by a professional nurse. She got it by a befriended nurse to provide help to our suffering world.

Disclaimer by the providing nurse:

We still lack of data for the final symptoms, because the beginning is so similar to influenza. This Post is in any case helpful, to at least identify the virus.

Hopefully, it will help.

K. C. – nurse with experience in multiple countries

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The Early Symptoms of CoVid-19 „Corona“

The Message, that is sent out within the medical communitiy:

From Doctors.. Please read carefully:

Early Signs of Covid-19 from Ministry of Health Singapore – A Brief.



DAY 1-3

  • 1. Symptoms similar to colds.
  • 2. Mild throat pain.
  • 3. No fever, not tired.

Notes: Still consume food and drink as normal.


  • 1. Throat little bit painful, body feels like drunk.
  • 2. Voice becoming sore.
  • 3. Body temperature around 36.5°.
  • 4. Beginning of disturbance on eating habit.
  • 5.Mild headaches
  • 6. Mild diarrhea


  • 1. Throat pain and sore voice
  • 2. Mild body heatiness. Body temperature btw 36.5°-36.7°.
  • 3. Weak body and feeling joints pain.


  • 1. Beginning of mild fever with temperature around 37°
  • 2. Dry cough
  • 3. Throat pain while eating, swallowing food or talking.
  • 4. Exhausted and nausea
  • 5. Difficulty in breathing occasionally
  • 6. Fingers feeling pain
  • 7. Diarrhea and vommitting


  • 1. Higher fever from 37.4°-37.8°
  • 2. Coughing incessantly with phlegm.
  • 3. Body pain and headache.
  • 4. Worsening diarrhea.
  • 5. Vommitting


  • 1.Fever around 38° or above 38°
  • 2. Breathing difficulties, everytime breathing, chest feels heavy.
  • 3. Coughing incessantly.
  • 4. Headaches, joints becoming lame and buttock pain.

DAY 9.

  • 1. Symptoms remain unchanged but becoming worst
  • 2. Worsening fever
  • 3.Worsening cough
  • 4. Difficulties in breathing and have to struggle hard to breath.

Note: At this stage, blood test and chest x-ray need to be conducted immediately. As a reference only. At any point of time, if do not feel well, should consult medical doctor immediately.

End of the official report.

Thank you. Repost, Share, Help.

Yours from Germany

Thomas Carle